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Professional Bookkeeping Services to Keep You Up to Date

If you’re faced with bookkeeping problems and challenges, I can provide solutions that work for you and your business to keep your business records up-to-date and accurate. I am passionate about seeing clients succeed, and yes – I don’t just make their business better; I get to make their LIFE BETTER. I do this by providing financial solutions and support that drives their business forward, by taking daunting tasks off their list, by being available to answer questions, or by jumping on a quick training sesh! 

Outsourced Bookkeeping

I understand that business owners may not have the time, desire, know-how, or energy to address and keep up with the bookkeeping tasks crucial to keeping financial health in check. It is important to keep your books accurate and up to date with regular bookkeeping and communication with your financial team. Services start with a monthly package and can be tailored with custom add-ons to suit your needs.


Start your business off on the right foot with professional setup services for accounts, bank/credit cards, payroll, invoicing, and much more that support your business growth from day one. If you are behind, don’t let backlogged financials slow your business momentum.

Clean-Up & Catch-Up

Are you behind on your bookkeeping? Get back on track with BTS Bookkeeping’s clean-up services that ensure your accounts are orderly for cash flow management, financial accuracy, tax compliance, and more. Bookkeeping catch-up services are here to reconcile and organize your accounts, giving you financial clarity. I help create a streamlined path to clear insights for propelling your business forward.


Unlock the power of efficient bookkeeping with personalized training services. Whether it is a one-on-one session or group training for your staff, I tailor the learning experience to your unique needs. Dive into the essentials of bookkeeping, master leading accounting software, and gain valuable insights to streamline your financial processes. With flexible scheduling and a hands-on approach, I empower you to navigate the intricacies of bookkeeping with confidence.

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