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About BTS Bookkeeping

Have you ever felt the headache of managing a business’s financial aspects? That’s where solid bookkeeping comes into play! I’m Blanca, the face behind the scenes of BTS Bookkeeping. After noticing – and experiencing firsthand – the struggle businesses face in finding reliable bookkeeping services, I decided to step in.

Coming from a business operations background focused on accounting, I have used my experience and expertise to drive the growth of numerous small to medium-sized businesses. Since the inception of BTS Bookkeeping & Training Services, I’ve been extending these capabilities to my clients, providing dependable services. Count on my commitment to being the preferred choice for businesses seeking clarity in their financial journey.

Supporting Clients

I pride myself on helping clients feel supported and offer different service levels to meet your needs. Also, I understand that sometimes financial records can become a bit tangled, but I’m here to remind you that every challenge is a stepping stone to success. My passion for turning disorder into order is at your disposal.

I also resonate deeply with the quest for work-life harmony. As a fellow business owner, I value our collective need for balance. That’s why I’m here to take on the meticulous work of financial management, so, at the end of the day, you can truly disconnect to rest and rejuvenate. In partnering with me, you’re not just enlisting a bookkeeper. You’re opening the door to a life where your business and personal well-being can coexist in harmony.

Personalized Approach

Why Choose BTS Bookkeeping


Ensuring consistent, high-quality financial management that you can depend on.


Fostering a foundation of trust so you have clarity in your financial affairs.

Exceptional Customer Service

Building lasting client trust and satisfaction and cultivating a reputation of attention to detail.


Offering Spanish bilingual bookkeeping services to bridge the language barrier.

BTS Bookkeeping's Expertise

Navigate Your Financial Journey with Confidence

Rely on BTS Bookkeeping for expertise cultivated over decades of hands-on bookkeeping. I’ve explored, trained on, and researched various accounting software and applications, ensuring I save you time, money, and the frustration of finding the right fit for your business. Also, my approach is personal. I aim to simplify your accounting processes and offer tailored actionable insights. Whether you’re a startup or a growing enterprise, BTS Bookkeeping stands as your dependable partner, ready to elevate your accounting experience to new heights.

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